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Make Money Online! Build an Electronic Real Estate Empire

 You need multiple streams of income in todays world! This article will show you another way you can begin to acquire Electronic Cyber Real Estates. Make a one time investment of your time and earn long-term harvest for your efforts. Once you make the time investment, that piece of Cyber Real Estate is out there Forever to potentially earn you money. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Miss Money Bags today to keep learning the fastest, easiest ways you can continue to build your Cyber Real Estate Empire! Check out our other articles for all the methods to add additional pieces of electronic real estate to your portfolio.Do you love the thought of sitting by the beach all day? Did you know that you can make passive income with relaxation? In this article I will show you how to make money online with little to No Skills and No Money. This method will take you less than 30 minutes a day to maintain. Plus it doesn’t matter where you are around the world. You can do this!
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So if you are looking to start an online business that can make you passive income, this is a way you can do it without showing your face on videos. This is super simple, and this article will enable you to get started right after reading it. You will simply be creating videos of white noise or calming sounds. A video on YouTube of white noise, has 96 Million views! This means that one video made thousands of dollars for the video creator! And it likely took only 30 minutes of their life to make it! It’s a 10 hour video but all you will have to do is loop the video. Then duplicate it. It basically is just thunder and rain, and people love listening to this relaxing type of sound. It helps them go to sleep and helps them relax. Once you create your first video, it’s super easy to just change the video or sound for video #2. And video #3. Post 1 to 2 videos a week. Each video will take less than 30 minutes to create. This video will show you exactly how you can do this! Each video you create is another piece in your Electronic Real Estate Portfolio! This is one of the best ways to start making passive income on Youtube. Here are the simple steps. #1 Create a Youtube channel for yourself. #2 Add a music track. Go to Bensounds.com. or to orangefreesounds.com to get royalty free music. Just type in Thunder or Rain. Then it’s going to find different thunderstorm sound effects that you can download directly onto your computer. Then click free download mp3 to download the file onto your computer. It may come into a format that just shows a zipped file. Just right click onto that and just click on extract all. Add that sound file into any editing software. Then you will be on your way to your first video. You will be able to start uploading content quickly once you get the first template done. #3 Add an image or video clips. Go to Pexels.com and select a calming image or video clips. Add that to your video software. Then copy and paste it until you have a long video. The next video you can just change the music or the visual and you will have video #2. The harder part is getting monetized by YouTube. This is not a fast process. But by uploading frequently and using the tip given in the advantage below, you will expedite the process! Once you get monetized by youtube you can start to make passive income each month. At the end of this article you will see how to get an edge on the competition to make even more money online! If you do not have video editing software yet, you can start by going to openshot.org. now to get started for free. I prefer PowerDirector. If you want to do this frequently, it is worth the annual price to get great video editing software that’s fast and has a lot of features! It is best to add a logo to your video to ensure no one can just copy your work. You can go to Canva.com to design a logo and add it to your video. Once your video is done you can upload it to YouTube. To boost your profit a lot faster, use the magical software Videly. This software will write your YouTube description and keywords for you. This will give you a huge competitive edge to help the video rank quickly. The software will show you long-tail keywords that have a lot of searches, but not many results. This makes it more likely you will be able to rank the video much Faster! The Final thing you need to do is create a thumbnail. You can go to Canva.com to do so or you can just download a picture from pexels.com. It is best to create a thumbnail to make your video stand out and so you can add an attractive title. These will all increase your chances people will click on your video. Then in your description, you can add the researched long-tail keywords that Videly identifies for you, to help boost your ranking even faster! Watch the video in the link above to see a website getranked in 60 seconds using this advantage! When you write your video description, you can also add some affiliate links to products you like, or merchandise you create. Most people are kind, and appreciate your video, so they won’t mind helping you out by using your links. It’s free to them, but it helps you! You can make money from YouTube once you get monetized, but you can make money much sooner by adding helpful affiliate links in your descriptions to products you like or find helpful.
A one hour investment of your time on one day of your life, can pay dividends for years! You can Do this! Remember: Every Day is a New Chance to Become Who You Want to Be! VIDNAMI is the Magic software that uses AI technology to Create Fabulous Videos for you in Minutes! On any topic! This is honestly the most useful tool we have ever used and will allow you to put out highly quality videos really fast. VIDELY: Rank Your Youtube videos high on Youtube and google with AI software to do everything for you! One-time payment, life-time reward! Follow this link for a bonus! Speechelo instantly Creates Amazing Human Voiceovers! Turn your ebooks into audio books or easily turn paragraphs into videos for Youtube or promo videos. SQRIBBLE uses amazing AI technology to quickly generate EBOOKS with pre-made articles and publish instantly to Kindle! Smoothie Diet: Get fit the easy way by adding fabulous tasting smoothies you can drink on the run as you go about your busy day. Get glowing skin and hair as you fuel you body the actual nutrients it needs to function at peak performance! Once your passive income exceeds your earned income you are well on your way to Freedom! Do you need real life ways to make Legit money online? We are here to help! All the junk online can be so confusing. We are hear to walk with you in your endeavor to learn how to work online and generate the passive income you need to replace your income. You Can Do This! Leave us a comment and we will help you! Please let us know which country you are from so we can create videos that are helpful for you. This article contains affiliate links, so clicking on the links helps us earn a commission that costs you nothing but helps us provide for our families and have the time needed to research helpful tips for you and make these videos ultra-practical! Teamwork makes the Dream Work! Nothing in our videos is a guarantee of income. We have no idea if you will implement the tools nor guarantee their success. But never forget: You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take!

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