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Day 6

Tshirt Designs

You will not be designing the actual tshirts today.

You will just set up your free Printify account and link it to your Etsy store. Then it will be ready for your future tshirt designs!

You will add more text/description/products later. Right now you are just setting up your Printify account to be ready for the designs you create.

To create your first design for free you can go to and select CUSTOM size 3873 x 4814 px and then download the design as a PNG. I use the Pro version $6 a month because I use Canva for many, many things & feel its definately worth it!

To see a step by step video on how to create a tshirt design on Canva click HERE

TIP: You can select “Transparent Background” on Canva to remove the rectangle color background and just have your design put on the tshirt

To see how to navigate Printify and select products to add your design to on Printify click HERE

To upload your first product onto Printify click HERE to watch a step by step video.

You don’t need to start designing tshirts yet, but you can go on Etsy & Amazon to start getting an idea of what is selling.

Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t give up. You only have to do this ONCE then you are set up for life!